Hockey Robotics

Welcome to Hockey Robotics – Your Leader in Hockey Stick Testing

Hockey Robotics specializes in hockey stick design, performance and durability testing, through an advanced hockey stick testing robot capable of properly mimicking the professional hockey slap shot.

Our technology has the ability to scientifically compare different stick designs, compositions, materials, and to quantify and analyze the results. Complete with an impacting machine to mimic wear and tear of sticks during play, our technology has the ability to compare the true durability of different hockey stick materials and constructions.

Hockey brands can also learn how their latest sticks fare against their older models and against competitor models, in terms of durability and shot speed.

Our team of engineers from the top Canadian University, the University of Waterloo, along with our Chief Scientist Prof. John McPhee, PEng, PhD is at your disposal to engage in hockey R&D and testing projects.

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